How It Works

Sign Up

To enjoy the benefits of noodlesntonic you must first sign up.

  1. Go to the top left corner and select menu
  2. Click Signup
  3. Type your personal information. Email verification required
  4. Select 5 interested topics
  5. Click OK on the pop-up notification
  6. Check your email and verify
  7. Login with your email and password

Edit profile

To be seen and hired for job you can edit your profile and activate your availability for work.

  1. From the menu select my profile
  2. Edit your Profile picture / Edit About (your biography) then set the “Available for hiring” Button.
  3. Click the profile edit icon (top right corner of the screen)
  4. Add a profile photo and personal information
  5. You can also add images to your profile section to introduce yourself.
  6. Remember to  ” SAVE ” ! (Plane icon at the bottom of the screen)
  7. You are now ready to activate your working available status!

Add Project

To be seen, promote yourself and meet brands and others creative you need to post and share your recent creative work. These projects will be seen on the timeline. This is your chance to build your own brand. We look forward to seeing your new artwork soon!

  1. Click the add (+) floating icon at the right corner of the home.
  2. Two options: add job / add project button will pop up, select the second (palette icon) to add a project.
  3. You can add image or text box and rearrange image position and also set cover image.
  4. Remember to add project information, so people get to know more about your work.
  5. Publish your project
  6. Finally, confirm everything is good.
  7. Done! Your masterpiece is now publicly visible on the app project home screen (or timeline).
  8. You and others can also check all your uploaded projects from your profile project section!

Post Job

You need creative work to be done?, Post your job ad to and reach the best creative talents from our community ! Define a clear, concise but thorough piece of brief including Timeline and Budget, but also Target group, desired Style, your Brand values. A clear brief save time and money,  but also doubles the fun!

  1. Click the add (+) floating icon at the bottom right corner of the home screen.
  2. Two options: add job / add project button will pop-up, select the First (suitcase icon) to post a new job
  3. Insert all  details relevant to your brief.
  4. You can further add attachments and additional information to clearly define your job brief.
  5. Remember to click the post job button
  6. Confirm your job ad.
  7. Yeah! now your job is visible to all talents from the job list (suitcase icon).
  8. You can manage your job status from work organizer (work planner) as well !

Invite Talent for your job

You can either wait for the talents to search and apply to your job or you can directly invite specific talents and propose your work!

  1. Go to Work Organizer (work Planner) from the menu
  2. Go to Employer section, review proposal , select your job awaiting a proposal from a talent.
  3. Click View Proposal
  4. Click Invite Talent
  5. Find the best talent you would like to invite, Invite for Job
  6. Select the job ad you would like to invite
  7. Or you can go directly from the menu – Find people and invite anyone you’d like

Apply for a job – Submit a proposal

Submit a proposal to a job you are interested in, remember to check your notifications as the employer can invite you to a specific job as well !

  1. Go to Job home page, Job list on top navigation bar (suitcase icon)
  2. Click VIEW DETAILS & SEND PROPOSAL of the job you are interested in.
  3. From Job detail you can check employer’s rating and profile, then click Submit a proposal.
  4. Select one of your Previously Posted Project, to support your application to the employer. The employer will refer to your application to filter and select the most suited candidate (design and style)
  5. You can make a Budget bid for the entire job
  6. Create at least one Milestone. All milestones total budget must equal the Bid Budget. e.g : $2500 + $2500 = $5000
  7. Submit your proposal to the employer. Make sure to comeback regularly to check the process! (push notifications will be available when the native app is made available)
  8. Confirm! Make sure to comeback regularly for update !
  9. * Check your inbox regularly as you may be Invited for a job!

Contract, Payment & Work

Everything related with Contract, Payment & Work. For both Talent & Employer

  1. Employer check notification for new job proposal from talent regularly.
  2. Click the notification / contact related with the job.
  3. The Employer can browse through all talent proposals, Click view proposal for the one you you chose.
  4. Check the proposal detail, both parties can chat about the contact and the Employer will allow to make changes on the Talent proposal before the offer. Click Offer & accept to process.
  5. After the Employer offered, the Talent will get a notification regarding the job offer. Click the related notification from Talent inbox.
  6. Both parties can further communicate and make changes, the Talent click Accept to accept the final job offer.
  7. Employer click confirm and Start Contract to fund the first milestone.
  8. Fund the milestone, milestone funding will be kept safe in our escrow fund and will be released when satisfied. ( please wait until all loading is completed )
  9.  Once the work is done, the Talent click Submit Milestone Work to submit his/her work.
  10.  Input working & attach related files, then click Submit Work
  11. Employer click View and Approve milestone to check work from the Talent
  12. Employer can request change or add bonus for talent. If bonus is added then payment has to be conducted.
  13. Previous milestone fund will be released to talent and bonus ( if any ) will be deposited to the talent’s account. If there is next milestone, employer need to fund the next milestone in order to start. ( back to step 7 )
  14. If last milestone is completed, both parties can make feedback and comments. These feedback will appear on the user profile.
  15. User can keep checking job status from work organizer for latest update.
  16. Beside using credit card to fund milestone you can use your noodlesntonic account available money to fund milestone as well.

We protect the Employer

  • Funds will be released to the Talent only when the Employer is satisfied with the work produced and that the milestone is passed.
  • If the Employer is not satisfied with talents work, he/she can end the contract. a) If Talent hasn’t submitted any work, the current milestone fund will automatically fully refund to the Employer available account. b) If the Talent submitted work already,  the Talent can trigger dispute so noodlesntonic will make final judgment on how to refund or pay current milestone. If the Talent do not trigger dispute in 7 days, the current milestone fund will auto refund back to the Employer’s noodlesntonic account.
  • If the Talent ends the contract, the Employer current milestone fund will refund back to the Employer’s noodlesntonic account.

We protect the Talent

  • Milestones are only active after the Employer have fully deposited the funding with noodlesntonic.
  • If work has been submitted and the Employer do not approve the milestone within 14 days , the current milestone fund will automatically be released to the Talent.



  • all transactions take at least 2 days to appear on your noodlesntonic account.
  • if the Talent do not trigger dispute ( if any ) in 7 days, current milestone fund will automatically be refunded back to the Employer.
  • If the Employer do not respond ( request change / approval ) after the Talent has  submitted work in 14 days, the current milestone fund will automatically be released to the Talent.


  • Free for every Employer (or project owner)
  • A 15% service fee is charged from the Talent’s account after the Talent has been paid. The Talent will never be charged if he/she has not been paid.
  • Withdrawal fee : 3.9% + HKD 9.35 / USD1.3
  • Minimum withdrawal are : 20HKD / 2.5USD
  • Minimum Milestone budget is : 5HKD / 1USD
  • Maximum milestone / bonus budget : 5000HKD / 500USD